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To do scientific research, education, and training to implement strategies  that protect Western Atlantic and Caribbean reefs from loss of marine life, through practical implementations that create economic benefits for practices that promote self-sustaining long term reef health. The mission  is set forth in the The Plan

ReefSave is a Non-Profit Volunteer Organization

Data collection is important for improving collection

A Turning Point

Invasive Lionfish

The Indo-Pacific lionfish is an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea. Lionfish are predators with a voracious appetite, no natural predators, and a rapid rate of reproduction. They are destroying the natural balance of the reefs by over consuming reef fish and juveniles, threatening marine life and the reef itself.

Lionfish are found from 10' to over 300' deep

The "Purse Trap" is a non-containment, no bait, trap that catches Lionfish with very little by-catch. The Lionfish are drawn to the white lattice called the Fish Aggregation Device (F.A.D.)

Your tax deductible donation of $175 to sponsor a deep water lionfish trap helps to build and test lionfish traps and educate the public.

Former Prime Minister 0f St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Sir James Mitchell, endorses the ReefSave project at the Bequia "Open House" on 27 AUG 2018

Our Mission

ReefSave is now focusing on a new model. Rather than trying to rely upon local fishermen to provide data, ReefSave will separate Trap Testing from Lionfish behavioral study. Trap testing will be conducted in the United States once we have secured a deep water drone.

Internationally, the new model is a participating destination dive shop runs a ReefSave itinerary and volunteers can "Vacation for a Cause" and help the mission .while learning the newest information and by getting physically involved in helping to Do Something Now!

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