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Saturday, February 23, 2019 


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Booth 120 - Saturday - 23 FEB 2019

Videos of: Remote build in August 2018 on the Caribbean island of Bequia, in the island country of St. Vincent and field testing a variation of the "Purse Trap" designed by Dr. Steve Gittings - NOAA Sanctuaries; Building the "No Weld" version of the purse trap.  Will also have some of the models that Dr. Gittings built at the various stages of the evolution of the purse trap. Information about events and how you can volunteer to help the mission or just "Vacation for a Cause".

2 PM Room 305
"Trapping the Terror: Building and Deployment of the NOAA Lionfish Trap"

By Marc Moran, ReefSave

The lionfish is an invasive species in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Researching ways to limit the spread of the lionfish is a major concern to the health of these waters. Marc will discuss ways the ReefSave organization is working with NOAA to trap these invaders.