Grey - Building Traps

Yellow - Course work

Blue - SCUBA (Non-divers as crew will be trained extensively in Data Collection, Logistics, Photo & Video Editing and Public Relations in lieu of diving)

Crew Training Costs & Schedule

(305) 909-9318

The cost of the training program creates a self-funding model.

This means, the training program can proceed even if the organization has no cash donation to pay for the expenses incurred in training crew.

As members become trained, they are also contributing to the financial viability of the organization.

Trained crew will have real life experience in all facets of build out for the project into new locations during Phase III, that will dramatically decrease time and resources needed.

Advancement - If a volunteer desire to move up in the organization, they can become Trainers themselves and eventually become Supervisors that can run the project at a new location.

In order to help facilitate the costs of travel and other expenses, Trainers and Supervisors are provided a stipend and free lodging.

As trained volunteers move through the levels of the training process they receive more  control and responsibility. Their dedication to the mission is proven by their time volunteering and by their financial commitment.

Project Supervisors - A fully trained Supervisor of a project will have the authority to speak for the organization and make decisions about the deployment in their project location. The Supervisor also has financial responsibility to account for the funds and to complete the objectives of the deployment.

The Trainers, Crew, participating fishermen, local volunteers, local paid labor and vendors working under the supervisor at their location will look to the Supervisor for decision making, direction, organization, coordination and problem solving.

To GET INVOLVED join the email list and contact any Commissioner or Officer of the organization, and book the accommodations for that session.