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Core Value

Being efficient in the use of donations and volunteer time is a core value of the organization.

Curriculum for Lionfish Education Programs


Have volunteers trained before deployment to international destinations so that we can more efficiently distribute and calculate the resources needed for each project destination.

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To assist more people to be able to afford to complete all levels (needed for each separate destination) the higher levels of training include “comped” or “reimbursement” for some travel expenses. These “comped” or “reimbursement” costs are build into the price for the training event.

ReefSave Inc is classified as a 509(a)(2) organization which means it is publicly supported and collects a significant portion of its donations in the form of admission fees for attendance or participation, therefore most of the hard costs for materials, supplies, rentals and services are included in the price of the event. Volunteers fund the event by their participation.

This manual should identify the skills and requirements as well as the educational source materials to be used for training purposes.

There are three levels of training: 

I. CREWExperienced or trained for all phases of international deployment as CREW

II. TRAINERExperienced or trained for all phases of international deployment as a TRAINER

III. SUPERVISOR - Experienced as Assistant on International deployment and Trained as Supervisor.

CREW Training

To complete training as CREW requires completion of at least 6 SKILLS, with at least 2 from every CORE:


  • SKILL: BUILD - Make the Introductory presentation before the start of the Build.
  • SKILL: PUBLIC - Observe then make the One Hour Presentation for Reefsave
  • SKILL: TABLE - Distribute information, talk to people who are interested in email sign up, donations, attending events, becoming a ReefSave crew or trainer


  • SKILL: HOST - Act as Assistant Event Organizer for a BUILD
  • SKILL: NFH - Net attachment one jaw, FAD attachment one trap, Harness attachment one trap.
  • SKILL: REBAR - Bend all angles for one jaw


  • SKILL: DATACOLLECTION - Collect, Organize and transmit project data, images and videos from an Event
  • SKILL: FISHCOUNT - Using SCUBA, count lionfish observed as directed by staff.
  • SKILL: OPENCLOSE - Setup and close down of an event, making it easy for other volunteers after you.