How You Can Help

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(305) 909-9318

REEFSAVE INC seeks input from the public, and for volunteers to:

  • Work from your home computer on Social Media
  • Serve on REEFSAVE INC advisory boards,
  • Attend and do volunteer work at the project,
  • Provide other services for the project,
  • Donate money, services or supplies

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Join us in the field December 8 - 15, 2018 our next on site training session for field work  testing and building lionfish traps based on the NOAA purse trap design.

Volunteers needed for the project include scientists, data collection, SCUBA divers, photographers, people good with building things, people good at organization and social media..

Help Spread the Word

We know there are people who could volunteer for this project, we just don't know who they are yet.


Telephone:  +1(954) 354-9308

or (786) 361-3303