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Phase II - Milestone Events



Subject to Acceleration Based upon Progress

Check Calendar for actual scheduled dates

Volunteers Build No Weld Traps - JAN - FEB 2019 – volunteers will work with Reefsave crew and Dr. Steven Gittings - NOAA Sanctuaries, to test the building of a "no weld" lionfish purse trap..

Volunteers 2019 Bequia Lionfish Trap Project - 22 - 29 JUN 2019 – 3 pairs of volunteers (minimum) inspect and retrieve traps, build 5 more traps, redeploy and assign traps to a participating fisherman.

Fishing PhaseJUN to JUL 2019 - data collection. Update website to newest fishing techniques to maximize catch rates.

Site Survey in St Vincent and other islands - JUL 2019 (2 weeks) – Begin identifying locations for trap deployments on St Vincent and other islands in the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Begin set-up logistics.

Fishing PhaseAUG to OCT 2019 - data collection. Collect data and publish results of field tests of prediction software and catch rates.