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Phase II

Improve Trap Efficiency and Productivity:Demonstrate Successful Business Model


  1. Improved Trap Efficiency and reduce construction cost. - ReefSave as the owner of the traps provides them to the participating fishermen in consideration of data collection responsibility. When ReefSave can increase the efficiency of traps, less traps are needed to sustain a small business.
  2. Trap Efficiency - The goal of Trap Efficiency is to decrease the trap cost per catch ratio though a combination of:
    • trap building efficiency and deployment savings and
    • research to predict best practices and techniques to increase productivity in use of traps.
  3. Behavioral Patterns to increase trap productivity – Do this in Florida after obtaining LOA. If we begin with FAD only testing, then within 3 miles is only Florida State or local prohibitions would apply as there is no trapping, just observation.
    • LOA would assist in opening Puerto Rico for testing to assist with grants and funding for research in Caribbean Climate.
    • Research Systems and Patterns Used in other Fisheries
    • Collect catch data electronically and store on OneDrive
    • Collect GPS data electronically and store on OneDrive
    • Site Fidelity research
    • Aggregations Patterns
    • Predicting Deployment Locations
  4. Technology For the Masses - Software development for GPS by cell phone of optimum deployment points for participating fishermen


  1. Development of Training Materials for training ReefSave volunteers:
    • Record Training Session as Units
    • Write Curriculum for Volunteer Training
    • Public Education and Open House
    • Data Collection and Prediction Software
  2. Website Update
  3. Development of Online Materials for Building Lionfish traps


  1.  Membership - Dues and Benefits
  2. Recruiting Volunteers – participation in Lionfish Derbies, email, website, social media
  3. Training Program - Raises money through tuition for courses completed
  4. Fund Raising – organizing and promoting ongoing campaigns
  5. Gift and Estate Planning - organizing and promoting ongoing campaigns for charitable giving
  6. Logo Product Sales – Tee Shirts and Log Products
  7. Monetization of Royalty Income - organizing and promoting ongoing campaigns for the use of ReefSave name as a percentage of the sales price of the item.
  8. Government and University Grants – Optimize the research done to increase the likelihood of funding from government or other sources such as university funding of most of the costs of the research.

Phase II - Tasks and Objectives