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Phase II - Building a Better Lionfish Trap

​October 2018 - October 2019

Improve Trap Efficiency and Productivity: Demonstrate Successful Business Model

STATUS: Work In Progress

  • Implement design changes to increase Trap Efficiency (Catch Rate) and study Lionfish Behavior to increase Productivity by choosing the best deployment locations and techniques.
  • Develop Training Materials for volunteers and for the general public
  • Train volunteers to more efficiently conduct the implementation of the plan saving both time and resources
  • Expand to other Islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Continue reef monitoring, study and analysis for the effect of consistent removal of Lionfish from the reef and surrounding areas
  • Innovate with better scientific choices as information becomes available, move to electronic data collection, and work on development of cell phone software for prediction of best locations for trap deployment
  • Determine optimum number and placement of traps to create a successful small business for participating local fisherman who agrees to submit data and follow rules set out in the lease
  • Demonstrate Successful Business Model for small scale fishermen

To participate in field work volunteers need to be trained.

Training the volunteers decreases the cost and time to open up new locations for the Lionfish Trap Testing Project.

The crew training course will be done in the field, on location where the volunteers will learn how to build the traps, inspect, deploy and retrieve the traps.

Not only will the volunteers be trained, but they will be helping to increase the total number of traps deployed and the size of the data samples.

Check the Calendar for the next Training session