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5 - GoPro or similar Video Camera with at least 1080p Resolution

5 - GoPro or similar Underwater Housing for Video Camera 

3 - Underwater tripod for UW GoPro

2 - Intervelometer for GoPro (Cam-Do or similar)

2 - GLADIUS or similar UW Drone with Accessories

2 - Basic dive computers (for volunteers without their own)

Materials & Supplies

SD cards

#4 Rebar


Floating Line

Sinking Line

Bouys, SMBs and large-frim Plastic jugs/bottles

Small and medium floats

Large plastic or other garbage bags

Cloth and paper towels

gloves for use in building traps and handling rebar & steel

Writing paper, pens and pencils

"In Kind" Donations of Materials and Supplies are Welcomed and Encouraged.

A receipt for an "In Kind" donation will be provided if the organization can, with reasonable certainty, determine that value. If a value can not be determined with reasonable certainty by the organization, then the receipt will confirm and describe the donation, and the donor should consult with their financial adviser to determine the value.

Supplies Needed