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Feed a man a fish he eats for a day

Teach him how to fish he eats for a lifelime

Data collection is important for improving collection

Our Misson

Training Center for Project Volunteers

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  • To do scientific research, education, and training 
  • to implement strategies - a plan to do something now
  • that protect Western Atlantic and Caribbean reefs - the region of our focus
  • from loss of marine life - the goal to attain
  • through practical implementations that create economic benefits - simple and efficient
  • for practices that promote self-sustaining long term reef health - economic motivation to continue

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Dial:  (605) 472-5350

Access Code  865252 and "#" when told.

ReefSave is a volunteer based non-profit organization.

ETHICS - We are the fiduciaries of the gifts that we are entrusted with to further the mission of the organization.

DUTY - We have a duty to protect and not waste any of the precious resources that have been so generously donated, whether that be money, in kind donations, or the service of dedicated volunteers.

OBLIGATION - To that end we must:

  • Be efficient in our actions and implementations
  • Plan in advance with continuous re-evaluation of what works, using simple and efficient methods
  • Create a training system for the project that is constantly updated to the most efficient and effective procedures, that can be used anywhere in the world with internet access