Responsibility and Control

When a volunteer agrees to accept responsibility for part of a project, that person needs control so that they can complete their assigned tasks in a manner that works for them, with their unique set of skills and talents.

As different individuals perform the same role, each different way of doing a thing, provides more information about what has and has not worked.

This data is collected and used to educate and train others so that we may discover the most efficient methods to achieve the  objectives of the mission.

Respect and Honor

ReefSave is built upon the concept that great things can be accomplished through the power of volunteerism.  The two pillars of harnessing this strength are Respect and Honor.

Respect - Every volunteer donates the most valuable thing any human being ever has: THEIR TIME. Money can not buy more time. Political power can not extend life.

  • Each volunteer donates the most valuable thing in the world, in the manner and to the extent, that they feel they are able
  •  There is no contribution too small
  • There is no contribution that is not appreciated
  • Every volunteer or contributor is respected, accepted and appreciated for whatever they can do to help the mission.

Honor - When a volunteer makes a significant contribution to the solution of a problem, they should be honored for what they have done.  They have Made a Difference and that must be recognized.

It is not the manager who should claim accolades, it is the volunteer who has earned the accolades. The manager must recognize and honor the volunteer for their contribution. 

Learn, Teach and Train

The 6 week "Lionfish Trap Testing Project" is more than the collection of data for the efficient and effective removal of invasive lionfish, it is 6 separate learning and training sessions.

The mission does not end with the completion of the trap testing project. That is merely the inception.

Each week becomes a training session for the duplication of a system. The knowledge that is learned, helps to refine the system by the collection of training media and reports from the Commissioners. The education and training will be posted online for simple and inexpensive distribution regardless of where volunteers are located.

ReefSave TM will return to the Caribbean and Central America to implement what works and to empower local peoples to join in the effort of harvesting invasive lionfish.

With a small army of trained volunteers from the Testing Project, ReefSaveTM can send experienced people to duplicate the successes achieved, throughout the entire affected regions.

The Wisdom of the Many

At ReefSave (TM) we strive for inclusiveness of volunteers who have different backgrounds, training and experiences. 

Persons of very similar backgrounds, training and experiences will have very similar perspectives. While this is helpful in building consensus among a group that all have the same perspective, it is also very limiting  on the range of new ideas and analysis.

Out of the Box Thinking - With diversity of perspective, a problem can be examined from many different angles of perspective. One of those combinations of skills, talents, education, training and life experiences, can produce a totally unique idea, method or relationship, not imagined by the "experts", that saves time or resources, or ultimately becomes the solution.  

Perspective Diversity opens the range of analysis to new ideas and solutions. However, managing that diversity of perspective makes consensus more difficult. 

Open mindedness is critical to the leaders of a volunteer organization. 

A Note from the President

I have accepted my role as the fiduciary of the concept of Volunteer Power:

  • Open the door to let people contribute what they can 
  • Acknowledge every contribution and honor their successes 
  • Assimilate the ideas that work
  • Educate and empower others 
  • Be transparent in action and effective in communication
  • Welcome constructive criticism 
  • Take responsibility for the failures  

It is with great appreciation for the opportunity to serve in a cause far bigger than me that I offer my sincere thanks to each and every contributor and humbly dedicate myself to the great mission of this organization.

My door is open and I welcome your ideas and thoughts, your efforts and all contributions. 

Every contribution is important, regardless of the amount.

Sal Delello

President of Reefsave Inc

(786) 361-3303

The Power of Volunteerism 

"Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." 

                                         Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

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Volunteer Power

There is no amount of money, marketing, or compensation that can match the power of an army of volunteers.

Volunteers are involved in a mission not because they will financially benefit, but because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

When volunteers can see how their contribution Makes a Difference and they can be part of the solution of something important, they become passionate.

There is no force more powerful than pasionate volunteers.