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All communications to a committee should be

through the listed email address or info@reefsave.org

Communications and Social Media

     Marc Moran - Marc@ReefSave.org

Compensation Committee

Conflict of Interest Committee

Executive Committee

     Board of Directors - info@ReefSave.org

Fund Raising

     Corey Krosley - Corey@ReefSave.org

Legal Compliance

     Sal Delello - Sal@ReefSave.org

Lionfish Trap Project

     Sal Delello - Sal@ReefSave.org


     Chief Scientist

         Jain Smith - Jain@ReefSave.org       

     Scientific Methodology  liaison

         Tiare Fridrich - Tiare@ReefSave.org



     Theresa Moran - Theresa@Reefsave.org



     Sal Delello - Sal@ReefSave.org



ReefSave is a non-profit volunteer organization that is completely funded by donations and the contributions of its membership and volunteers.

If you have time to contribute, you can volunteer to:

  • help with tasks from your home computer entering data or helping with social media
  • doing field work in the Caribbean
  • managing part of the organization or project as a Commissioner
  • serve as an officer or director of the organization

If you have money and no time, your generous donation will go a long way to keep this project moving forward. Our goal is to be transparent in both our funding and expenses.  Not a penny will be wasted. 

If you have a business our corporate sponsors provide us with services, labor, materials and supplies and/or discounts for the needs of the organization.

What Volunteerism means to us

We are a non-profit public charity

About Us explains Our Mission and Values

How to Get Involved or join the email list

Training outlines what volunteers do